Securities Law & Policy

"Alberta securities laws" include the Securities Act, regulations and rules made under the Securities Act, and any "decisions" made by the Commission or by the Executive Director.

Most of the ASC's rules are made on a harmonized basis with the other securities regulators in Canada, and are referred to as National Instruments (or Multilateral Instruments if not all jurisdictions participated). Other rules made by the ASC are local rules, and are referred to as ASC rules. All rules made by the ASC are all available under Regulatory Instruments.

Most of the decisions made by the ASC or the Executive Director are called orders. Those that are of general effect and are relevant to many market participants can be found under Blanket Orders & Designation Orders. Those that relate to a particular market participant will typically be found under Issuer Regulation or Registrant & Market Regulation.

The ASC or its staff may also provide interpretive guidance about Alberta securities laws in the form of a notice or policy. Some notices or policies are issued on a harmonized basis with the other securities regulators in Canada, while others are only issued by the ASC. These notices and policies are available under Regulatory Instruments.

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Frequently used instruments, rules and policies

11-102 Passport System [MI]
15-501 Rules of Practice and Procedure for Commission Proceedings [ASC Rule]
21-101 Marketplace Operation [NI]
23-101  Trading Rules [NI] 
23-103  Electronic Trading [NI] 
24-101  Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement [NI] 
Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations [NI]
33-109  Registration Information 
41-101  General Prospectus Requirements [NI] 
Prospectus and Registration Exemptions [NI] 
51-101  Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities [NI] 
Continuous Disclosure Obligations [NI] 

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