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Disclaimer: The following information is intended only as general introductory information to address some common questions.  It is not intended to be and must not be relied on as legal advice.  Please refer to the specific provisions of Alberta securities laws.  We encourage you to seek legal advice from legal counsel familiar with Alberta securities laws.

Fostering Alberta’s New Economy

Many factors are impacting and changing Alberta’s capital market and economy. Efforts are being taken to strengthen and to help expand and diversify the Alberta economy. There are a multitude of parties engaged in these strengthening and diversification efforts. The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is Alberta’s securities regulator. We are responsible for protecting investors and fostering a fair and efficient capital market.

The ASC supports these economic efforts by ensuring appropriate securities regulation that protects investors, and fosters a vibrant capital market that facilitates access to capital by Alberta businesses and investment opportunities for Alberta investors. Our goal is to find the right balance of appropriately protecting investors without unduly burdening the businesses trying to raise capital to build and grow.

By engaging with market participants, ASC staff can better understand the challenges small businesses face in accessing capital.

The ASC’s various external advisory committees, including its New Economy Advisory Committee, help the ASC build connections in the community, obtain valuable insight from industry and explore how securities regulation can evolve to support economic diversification, while still providing appropriate investor protection.

Sources of Money

There are a variety of ways in which an entrepreneur may obtain the capital needed to operate their business, such as:

  • their own savings and financial resources, often referred to as ‘bootstrapping’
  • relying on trade credit
  • loans from banks, credit union or other financial institutions
  • government grants or loans
  • investments by investors, whether through shares, loans, revenue sharing arrangements or the distribution of other securities

As Alberta's securities regulator, the ASC’s focus is on the last method, raising money through the sale of securities.

If you are trading any of the broad array of products that constitute securities or derivatives, then securities law applies to you! 

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