Alberta-Based Registrant List

To help market participants and investors access accurate information about Alberta-based registrants, the ASC provides a list of active, registered Alberta-based firms. This list includes firms on the National Registration Database that have their head office in Alberta, and contains each firm’s name, address, telephone number and website, as well as its registration category.

Investors are encouraged to consult this list if they are considering investing with a financial institution or firm, especially if they are approached with an unsolicited investment opportunity. Carefully review the contact details about the firm, and for further information and/or to confirm the legitimacy of any investment opportunity, contact the firm directly using the contact information provided on this list.

Note: Certain financial institutions that operate in Alberta, but that have their head offices in another province, will not appear on the list the ASC maintains. If you have any concerns about a financial institution or firm that does not appear on this list, consult the National Registration Search (NRS) database to check their contact information and determine if they are registered. If not, or if there is a discrepancy between the information you’ve been provided and the information you find on the NRS, contact the ASC at

This list will be updated regularly. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information included in this list, however, said accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Alberta-based Registrant List