Accessing Records

Accessing documents in the custody and control of ASC

You can access many ASC records without making a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (“FOIP Act”). Please use this website to determine if the record you are looking for has already been published. If not, the ASC will make every reasonable effort to provide you with the information you are requesting. The FOIP Act establishes certain rights for you to access documents in the custody and control of the ASC, subject to exceptions for the purposes of protecting another person’s privacy rights, confidential information and the integrity of ongoing investigations.

Personal Information Request

If you are requesting your own personal information:

  • You must provide proof of your identity before records containing your personal information are released to you. There is no initial fee for accessing your own information. However, if the cost of photocopying documents exceeds $10, you will be notified of additional fees.
  • If you are requesting personal information of another individual, you must provide proof that you can legally act on behalf of that individual.

General Information Request

If you are requesting information about a third party or information other than personal information (see Personal Information Request above), the following fees are required (no GST required):

  • Initial non-refundable Fee of $25
  • Additional fees – in addition to the Initial Fee of $25, if the time and costs involved in locating and supplying the requested documents is estimated to exceed $150.00, the ASC may charge additional fees. The ASC will provide you with an estimate prior to charging those costs.

Method of Payment

The ASC accepts payment in the following forms:

  • Cheque made payable to Alberta Securities Commission
  • Visa OR MasterCard

All fees are not refundable. The use of your credit card number for online payment of any fees indicates your acceptance of and compliance with all payment terms and conditions of TD Merchant Services.

How long will ASC take to respond?

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requires that the information you are requesting is provided to you within 30 days after receiving the Access to Information Request form and the initial fee, if applicable. The ASC will make every reasonable effort to comply with this requirement.

To proceed with your search request, please fill out this form.