ASC Proceedings

ASC hearings may include enforcement proceedings, adjudication relating to contested take-over bids, and reviews and appeals of decisions made by ASC staff, exchanges or self-regulatory organizations.

ASC hearings are generally open to the public. If you are a party to, or otherwise involved in an ASC hearing, click here for important information.

In situations where a person or company wishes, or is required to serve a document on the ASC, Alberta securities laws require that the document be personally delivered, or delivered by courier or registered mail, to the offices of the Commission at:

Centennial Place, West Tower
600, 250 - 5th St SW,
Calgary, AB T2P 0R4

The document must be marked or addressed to the attention of the Secretary of the Commission.

Click here to view status of current and scheduled ASC hearings

The following information pertains to past ASC hearings. These may include: