Information for Lawyers

Self-reporting of securities violations on behalf of a client

The ASC strongly encourages self-reporting of securities violations by persons and companies who are subject to Alberta securities laws. If you are a lawyer and you have a client who would like to self-report a securities violation, we encourage you to review the Credit for Exemplary Cooperation in Enforcement Matters Policy and call our toll free inquiries line at 1-877-355-4488.

Submitting a whistleblower tip on behalf of a client

If you are a lawyer submitting a whistleblower tip on behalf of your client, please complete and submit Whistleblower Counsel Submission Form (Form B). Please note: provisions in the Securities Act (Alberta) mandate that a whistleblower’s identity is confidential and can only be disclosed in limited circumstances.

Submitting a reprisal report on behalf of a client

It is against the law to take a reprisal against an employee, or a relative of the employee, for acting as a whistleblower to the ASC. The Securities Act (Alberta) establishes civil liability for an employer or co-worker who takes a reprisal against a whistleblower.

The ASC can also take enforcement action in the event a reprisal occurs. If your client has been subjected to retaliation by their employer following the submission of a whistleblower tip to the ASC, please have them complete and submit the Whistleblower Reprisal Reporting Form.