Key terms

Disclaimer: The following information is intended only as general introductory information to address some common questions. It is not intended to be and must not be relied on as legal advice. Please refer to the specific provisions of Alberta securities laws. We encourage you to seek legal advice from legal counsel familiar with Alberta securities laws.

What is a “dealer”?
What does it mean to “distribute securities” or conduct a “distribution”?
What is the “exempt market”?
What is an “exempt market dealer”?
What is an “investment dealer”?
What is an “investment fund”?
What or who is an “issuer” of securities?
What is a “private issuer”? Is it the same as a “private company”?
What is a private placement?
What is a “prospectus”?
What is a registered dealer? What is a registrant?
What is a “reporting issuer”? How does an issuer become a “reporting issuer”?
What is a “security”? Does “securities” just mean shares?
What is a “trade” of securities?