Frequently asked questions

Disclaimer: The following information is intended only as general introductory information to address some common questions. It is not intended to be and must not be relied on as legal advice. Please refer to the specific provisions of Alberta securities laws. We encourage you to seek legal advice from legal counsel familiar with Alberta securities laws.

When do I need to use a prospectus?
My company isn’t public and I’m not planning to go public, do I need to worry about securities laws?
What is the significance of an issuer becoming a reporting issuer?
Does my company become a reporting issuer or public company if it has more than 50 shareholders?
How do the public markets differ from the exempt or private market?
Do I need to be registered to “trade” securities?
Do I need to use a registered dealer?
Is there a dealer registration exemption if there is a prospectus exemption?
Where can I find the registration exemptions?
What’s the difference between a prospectus and an offering memorandum or other offering document?
Do I need to be incorporated? How should I organize my business?
Where can I find data on the types of financings conducted by other businesses?
Can I sell securities to investors in Canada but outside Alberta?
Can I sell securities to foreign investors?
What do I need to include in a subscription agreement? Where can I find one?
What price do I sell securities at?
What information do I give investors when selling securities privately?
What is Pre-seed, Seed and Series A, B and C financings?
Do securities laws apply to securities tokens or crypto-assets?