Financing Dashboards

Issuing companies (issuers) are required to provide data about prospectus and prospectus-exempt financings to the ASC. To give you another way of viewing this financing data, it is now available through the following public dashboards.

The dashboards include records for prospectus financings going back to 2015 and for prospectus-exempt financings going back to 2010. All records include visual representations and are able to be filtered to allow you to customize the results.

Prospectus Exempt Market Dashboard
Provides data based on Form 45-106F1 Report of Exempt Distribution filings.

Prospectus Distributions Dashboard
Provides data based on prospectus filings and related documents.

Combined Financing Dashboard
Includes both prospectus and prospectus-exempt financing data.

Closing Report Dashboard
A tool to look up a company’s financing history, including prospectus and prospectus-exempt.