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Canadian Securities Administrators’ Staff Notice 13-313. Securities Regulatory Authority Closed Dates 2004

Feb 27, 2004

We have a mutual reliance review system (MRRS) for prospectuses (including long form, short form and mutual fund prospectuses), prospectus amendments, waiver applications, pre-filings, and initial and renewal annual information forms. It is described in National Policy 43-201 Mutual Reliance Review System for Prospectuses and Annual Information Forms.


The principal regulator will only issue a MRRS decision document evidencing the receipt of non-principal regulators that are open on the date of the MRRS decision document. The principal regulator will issue a MRRS decision document evidencing the receipt of the remaining non-principal regulators on the next day that they are open. These procedures are described in section 7.8 of the Policy.


A dealer may only solicit expressions of interest in a non-principal jurisdiction after a receipt has been issued by that jurisdiction. In addition, an issuer may only distribute its securities in the non-principal jurisdiction at that time.


The following is a list of the closed dates of the securities regulatory authorities for 2004.  These dates should be noted by issuers in structuring their affairs.


Securities Regulatory Authority Closed Dates 2004*


1.       Saturdays and Sundays (all)

2.       Thursday January 1, 2004 (all)

3.       Friday January 2 (Que)

4.       Friday February 27 (YK)

5.       Monday March 15 (Nfld)

6.       Friday April 9 (all)

7.       Monday April 12 (all except Alta, Sask, Ont, Nfld)

8.       Monday April 26 (Nfld)

9.       Monday May 24 (all)

10.   Monday June 21 (Nfld, NWT)

11.   Thursday June 24 (Que)

12.   Thursday July 1 (all)

13.   Friday July 2 (Sask)

14.   Friday July 9 (Nun)      

15.   Monday July 12 (Nfld)

16.   Monday August 2 (all except Que, Nfld, PEI, YK)

17.    Friday August 6 (Nfld)

18.    Monday August 16 (YK)

19.    Friday August 20 (PEI)

20.    Monday September 6 (all)

21.    Monday October 11 (all)

22.    Thursday November 11 (all except Alta, Ont, Que)

23.    Friday December 24 (Que, Sask)

24.    Friday December 24 after 12:00pm (Man, NS, PEI)

25.    Monday December 27 (all)

26.    Tuesday December 28 (all except Sask)

27.    Friday December 31 (Que)

28.    Monday January 3, 2005 (all)

29.    Tuesday January 4 (Que)


*Bracketed information indicates those jurisdictions that are closed on the particular date.