Small business financing webinar May 4, 2021


Small business financing webinar: Seeking your input


5/4/2021 9:30:00 AM

Thank you to all who has joined us on May 4, 2021 for a webinar on small business financing initiatives the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) recently announced. These financing exemptions are part of the ASC’s efforts to support early-stage and small businesses in their capital raising efforts, within our mandate of protecting investors and fostering a fair and efficient capital market.

Please see the presentation decks from the webinar:

During the webinar, ASC staff outlined the major conditions to each of these exemptions and the issues they are intended to address. Industry experts Sandi Gilbert, CEO, InterGen and Dealpoint and former Chair of the National Angel Capital Organization and Phil du Heaume, private capital markets lawyer and executive with the Private Capital Markets Association provided their thoughts on how these exemptions can be used by start-up and other small business entrepreneurs.  

More information about the new and proposed exemptions is available here:



For questions related to all small business financing initiatives, please email