Organization & Governance

Organization & Governance

The ASC has two operational levels, consisting of ASC Commission Members and staff, including Executive Management.

Currently, there are 12 Members, including the designated Chair and two full-time Vice-Chairs. The Chair acts as the ASC's Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the overall operation of the Commission.

Alberta's Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints ASC Commission Members. Members act as the ASC's board of directors, overseeing the management of the ASC. They determine policy, consider and approve new rules and recommend changes to the Securities Act (Alberta), the regulations made pursuant to the Act, and the Alberta Securities Commission rules and policies. They also act as an administrative tribunal and form panels that conduct hearings into matters that affect the public interest in Alberta's capital market.

Staff responsibilities include, among others:

  • Developing legislation, rules and policies both at the ASC as well as nationally as a member of the CSA
  • Registering persons and companies operating in Alberta's securities industry
  • Reviewing prospectuses and other issuer disclosure
  • Considering exemption applications
  • Taking enforcement action against persons and companies that have allegedly contravened securities laws
  • Educating market participants about their obligations
  • Ensuring the efficient operation of the ASC's corporate affairs

Expense Disclosure of Members and Executive Management

ASC Organization Chart