Investor Calling Program

The overall objective of the Investor Calling Program is to ensure that the investment adviser or investment dealer’s relationship with its clients is conducted in conformity with Alberta securities law. To meet this objective, we are calling investors and asking them questions in areas related to their:

  • experience of the sales process, and ongoing relationship with their adviser;
  • understanding of the product(s) they are invested in;
  • understanding of conflicts of interests present between the firm and the investor; and
  • assessment of their suitability for products they are invested in.

This input is integral to the ASC’s ongoing efforts to protect investors by reviewing the sales and business practices of those operating in the Alberta capital market. It should be noted that this initiative does not mean there is an issue with any specific firm. The ASC will be calling investors to confirm information that they have already provided to their investment advisers or investment dealers. The ASC does not require investors to provide any additional information about personal finances over the phone.

The information gathered, along with information already provided by firms, will be used to assess the compliance of firms with Alberta securities laws. We will treat the information provided in confidence to the extent permitted by law. We will not provide the information we gather to anyone outside of the ASC except as permitted by law or necessary to assess compliance with securities laws.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact

If you are one of the investors contacted by the ASC and want to confirm the legitimacy of the call you have received or ask questions regarding the handling of your personal information, please call 1-877-355-0585 and ask to be transferred to the regulatory analyst who contacted you. We are available weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.