How we developed our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan


In summer 2019, the ASC engaged in a consultation and review process, critically assessing how we fulfilled our previous strategic plan and considering what we needed to focus on for 2021-2023. We wanted to understand how the market was currently viewing the ASC and our operations; how we could better serve the needs of our stakeholders; and how our staff and Members regard us as an organization.

We met with ASC Members and a number of external stakeholders such as issuers, law firms and other market participants to gain a broad range of perspectives. In addition, we solicited the feedback of our employees through a survey.

The new three-year plan for fiscal years 2021-2023 maintains our mission, vision, values and three pillars, and in doing so we maintain our position as a relevant and practical regulator, responsive to market participants, the economic climate and emerging trends. We will carry forward our acquired knowledge and insight and build on our achievements. As we move forward, the ASC’s commitment to being a responsible, professional, forward-looking regulator has never been stronger.

We believe that you need to be able to summarize your business on one page and so we created a graphic representation of the key elements of our strategic plan. It reinforces that:

  • Our existing values continue to resonate strongly among our employees. These values – including Stakeholder Responsiveness, Quality Results, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork and Principled Environment – form the foundation of everything we do.
  • Our mission, to foster a fair and efficient capital market and to protect investors, holds as true today as it was when we first adopted it.
  • The concepts “practical,” “intelligent” and “best-in-class” define our vision. We aim to oversee a healthy and robust capital market with investors better informed to protect themselves from market misdeeds.
  • Finally, we reaffirmed the core of our three strategic pillars that will guide our priorities to 2023; delivering intelligent regulation aimed at fostering a thriving capital market; ensuring proactive and comprehensive compliance oversight, enforcement and education; and fostering a culture of engagement with all of our stakeholders.

Under ASC Strategic Plan you will find tabs that provide more detail about each of the strategic pillars.